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Protecting your home with the right coverage is what we do!

Home Insurance

Your home isn’t just a structure made of beams and walls — it’s a magical place where you can binge-watch guilty-pleasure TV shows in a tattered bathrobe and eat ice cream for dinner without being judged. It’s your happy place, and it needs to be protected. Our team of agents will search high and low and won’t stop until they find you the coverage that will keep your carefree sanctuary secure. We simplify the process by shopping and comparing home insurance quotes for you. Not only that, we’ll cut the jargon and clarify the fine print so you know exactly what you’re getting. We work for YOU and not one insurance provider.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover? To put it simply, homeowners insurance is designed to repair, replace or recover the value of what you currently have (under coverage) if it’s damaged due to any number of causes.

  • Property Damage – This is by far the biggest claim maker, which includes damage to your house and any structures on your property due to water, fire, and severe storms among others.

  • Natural Disasters – Homewreckers like floods and earthquakes are usually not covered by basic plans, meaning, you’ll need added coverage or a separate policy to keep your goodies protected.

  • Standard Home Liability – This will cover you financially if someone is injured or their personal belongings are damaged while on your property.

  • Extra Money for Living – If your house is too messed up to live in while it’s being repaired or rebuilt, most policies will pay for a hotel and other living expenses, like groceries.

  • Property Coverage – This will depend on the policy. Items like furniture may only be covered up to a depreciated value, but other personal possessions may not be covered and will need additional insurance.

Let us give you a quote... Our team of agents can compare insurance plans from multiple insurance providers so we can find the best policy for you. When you need to compare options and quotes, Joyce Insurance is your one-stop-shop. We will not only take time to understand your needs and help you compare quotes but will help find discounts so you can get better value from your policy. And your Joyce Insurance agent will continue to be accessible to you with one local phone call when you have questions or concerns or need to file a claim.

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Is your home valued over $500,000?

High-Value Home Insurance

Typically, homes valued upwards of $500,000 or more should consider this type of coverage.  With a high-value home comes more detail and a higher replacement value to rebuild your home, in the event of a covered loss.

A high-value home policy has many key enhancement endorsements and features, that will be valuable to you if damage should occur to your home.


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