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2 months ago · by · Comments Off on Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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3 months ago · by · Comments Off on Car & Truck Show – July 20, 2019

Car & Truck Show – July 20, 2019

Photo gallery of the 2nd Annual Joyce Insurance Group Car & Truck Show to benefit the Greater Pittston YMCA on Saturday 7/20/2019. A big thank you to our event sponsors Hagerty, Safeco Insurance, Progressive and Travelers Insurance, as well as our raffle baskets donors — Susquehanna Brewing Co., Benny Brewing Co., A&A Auto Stores, AutoZone, Cee Kay Auto-Pittston, and Sharon Logan, LMT. A shout out to our Touch-A-Truck donors Robert Faber Excavating & Landscaping, Hadley Construction, Prime Trucking, Latona Trucking & Excuvationg Inc. and the City of Pittston Bureau of Fire. A special thanks to the City of Pittston Facilities Management Team and City of Pittston Police Department for all of their support. Lastly, Ken Pollock Auto Group for bringing a nice collection of vehicles to the show.

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3 months ago · by · Comments Off on Commercial Office Space Available For Lease | 1 W Broad Street Hazleton, PA – Suite 4

Commercial Office Space Available For Lease | 1 W Broad Street Hazleton, PA – Suite 4

Premium office space is available in downtown Hazleton, PA. Located in a foot traffic high-traffic area on the corner of W. Broad Street and N. Wyoming Street. This suite features an open floor plan (3,232 SF), 2 private offices, a conference room, a private bathroom, natural lighting, and includes off-street parking. 2-year minimum lease. Please contact Mary at 570-603-7815 or for questions and/or to schedule a viewing.



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6 months ago · by · Comments Off on What is Wedding Insurance?

What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is special event insurance that provides coverage for wedding mishaps such as venues closing, vendor no-shows, extreme weather, damaged gifts, sickness or injury and more. Optional liability and liquor liability coverage are also available to protect your interests from unfortunate mishaps such as a slips and falls or damage to property at the event. A wedding can be a big investment — take a moment to get a quote and protect the memories that can last a lifetime.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Cancellation or Postponement Coverage

  • Helps to protect you from financial loss if your big day needs to be postponed or canceled due to family illness, extreme weather, or some other unexpected reason.

Wedding Video/Photo Coverage

  • Coverage for photos and videos. That means, if your photographer or videographer doesn’t show up for the event, or does not deliver photos and videos when promised, you’re covered.

Protection for Wedding Gifts

  • Provides coverage for wedding gifts (excluding cash and gift cards).

Special Attire and Jewelry Coverage

  • Wedding Insurance includes coverage for lost or damaged dresses or attire and special jewelry coverage that includes lost or damaged wedding rings.

Coverage for Lost Deposits

  • Protects lost deposits, such as those paid to bakers, caterers, bridal boutiques and wedding venues that go out of business.

Wedding Liability Insurance

  • Wedding liability insurance is an optional coverage that can covers damages to the venue or injuries to guests.

Liquor Liability Coverage

  • An optional wedding day coverage that can protect against on-premises alcohol-related accidents that can result in your liability. Liquor liability coverage is available up to the liability limit on the policy. Liability coverage must be purchased to acquire this additional wedding coverage option.


How Much Wedding Insurance Do I Need?

  • You should consider choosing a coverage level at least equal to the amount you would stand to lose if you were forced to reschedule your wedding at the last minute. Consider the cost of all purchases and deposits you have made for your venue, gown, wedding rings, caterers, entertainment, flowers, cake, invitations, postage and more. Your insurance representative can help you determine which coverages and policy limits best fit your needs and budget.

 When Should I Buy Wedding Insurance?

  • Coverage can be purchased as early as two years or as late as up to a day before your planned wedding day. It is best to purchase coverage as soon as you begin making deposits and purchases for your wedding.  Purchases you have already made will be covered, as long as you have the receipts and did not know of any impending or existing claim situations prior to purchasing your policy.

What Is Liability Coverage, and Do I Need It?

  • Special event liability coverage is optional protection that covers bodily injury, property damage and personal injuries to third parties at the venues where your wedding ceremony, reception and rehearsal dinner will be held — contact these venues in advance, as they may require you to show proof of liability insurance. You can add venues to your policy as named insureds at no additional cost. Extra protection, such as liquor liability insurance, can be purchased separately. Your insurance representative can help you determine which additional coverage options and limits best fit your needs and budget.

What Is Liquor Liability Insurance, and Do I Need It?

  • Liquor liability coverage is optional and is designed to help protect you against the potentially high cost of injuries, damage or lawsuits resulting from alcohol-related accidents that may occur during your wedding ceremony, reception or rehearsal dinner. This coverage can be added to your basic liability policy for a nominal fee, and is recommended if alcohol will be served at any of your wedding events.

Am I Covered if I Have Already Signed Contracts and Put Down Deposits for the Wedding?

  • Yes. Deposits you have already made will be covered, as long as you have the contracts and receipts and did not know of any impending or existing claim situations prior to purchasing your policy.

If There Is Bad Weather on my Wedding Day, Am I Covered?

  • Coverage makes a distinction between a rainy day and a truly severe weather event, such as a hurricane. If a catastrophic weather event forces you to postpone your wedding, you may be reimbursed for non-recoverable expenses.

Does the Wedding Insurance Cover “Change of Heart”?

  • Wedding insurance does not provide coverage if either the bride or groom changes their mind and does not want to proceed with the wedding.

If you have any questions or would like a quote, please call 570-655-2831 or email us at

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6 months ago · by · Comments Off on April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

National Distracted Driving Awareness Month is an awareness campaign headed up by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to recognize the dangers of and eliminate preventable deaths from distracted driving.

What is distracted driving?

  • Any activity that diverts your attention away from the main task of driving. Cell phones, dashboard touchscreens, voice commands, and other in-vehicle technologies pose a threat to safety. Surprising, other behaviors behind the wheel, such as eating and drinking, or using a navigation system may also be putting you and others at risk.

What can we do to prevent distracted driving?

  • Stow your phone. Turning off the phone and putting it in “do not disturb” mode can help remove the temptation to browse online at a red light or respond right away to a text message.
  • Become an advocate – We can all play a part in the fight to save lives by ending distracted driving:
    • Teens can be the best messengers with their peers. Encourage them to speak up when they see a friend driving while distracted, have their friends sign a pledge to never drive distracted, and share messages on social media that remind their friends, family, and neighbors not to make the deadly choice to drive distracted.
    • Parents first have to lead by example—by never driving distracted—as well as have a talk with their young driver about distraction and all of the responsibilities that come with driving. Have everyone in the family sign the pledge to commit to distraction-free driving.
    • Educators and Employers can also play a part. Spread the word at your school or place of employment about the dangers of distracted driving.

Let’s help stop distracted driving

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7 months ago · by · Comments Off on Cyber Liability Protection

Cyber Liability Protection

Regardless of size or industry, all companies use technology in some way to deliver their products and services. Joyce Insurance Group offers cyber insurance services that can help better protect your business. Contact us today at (570) 655-2831 for a free cyber liability assessment or request a quote online.

Cyber Risk 101

As our reliance on technology and data continues to increase, cyber risks do as well. Learn more about these risks, and how the services offered can help you protect your business.

Cyber Criminals Increasingly Target Small and Midsize Businesses

Although large-scale cyber incidents garner major media focus, data shows that cyber criminals are increasingly turning their attention to smaller companies. In fact, 62% of all cyber breach victims are small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), according to Small Biz Trends. Evidence shows that this trend of targeting SMEs will continue to rise. Why are smaller businesses the favored targets of cyber criminals? Most likely because bad actors know that SME leaders often mistakenly think that cyber security services are beyond their means, making them under-protected and easily breached. Read the First Quarter 2019 Report

Did You Know?

  • According to the HIPAA report, 2018 witnessed a 157.67% year-over-year surge in the number of exposed healthcare records in the US.
  • As much as 80% of the data generated by the healthcare industry is likely to be in the cloud by 2020. Security is also becoming a major concern.
  • The trending digitalization, such as the cloud, Big Data, mobile technologies, IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI), in ever more areas of business and society, and the growing connectivity of everything, have increased the workload of already strained IT teams.
    • Source: Research and Markets

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8 months ago · by · Comments Off on OSHA Injury Tracking of Injuries & Illnesses for Calendar Year 2018

OSHA Injury Tracking of Injuries & Illnesses for Calendar Year 2018

Submission of OSHA Form 300-A (Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses)

Calendar Year 2018 Announcements

The reference point to determine the need for compliance is based on the number of employees at an Establishment and the NAICS Code.

Read more on WHO below.

Covered establishments must electronically submit information from their OSHA Form 300A.

March 2, 2019, is the deadline for electronically reporting your OSHA Form 300-A data for the calendar year 2018. Collection will begin January 2, 2019.

OSHA provides a secure website that offers three options for data submission. GO TO OSHA WEBSITE

More on WHO

Not all establishments are covered by this requirement.

Let’s start with defining the word establishment.  An establishment is defined as a single physical location where business is conducted or where services or industrial operations are performed. 

firm may be comprised of one or more establishments. The submitted data must be specific for each individual establishment.

A firm with more than one establishment must submit establishment-specific 300A data for each establishment that meets the size and industry reporting criteria. These data may be submitted using one ITA account. It is important to note that the electronic reporting requirements are for data at the establishment level, not the firm level.

The reference point to determine the need for compliance is based on:

  1. the number of employees at an ESTABLISHMENT; and
  2. the NAICS Code (North American Industry Classification System). This code can be found on the Federal Tax Return and is listed as Activity Code.

Only a small fraction of establishments are required to electronically submit their Form 300A data to OSHA. 

Establishments that meet any of the following criteria DO NOT have to send their information to OSHA.

Remember, these criteria apply at the establishment levelnot to the firm as a whole.

  • The establishment peak employment during the previous calendar year was 19 or fewer, regardless of the establishment’s industry.
  • The establishment industry is on the list of Non-Mandatory – Partially Exempt Industries, regardless of the size of the establishment.
  • The establishment had a peak employment between 20 and 249 employees during the previous calendar year AND the establishment’s industry is (not) on the REQUIRED ESTABLISHMENT LIST defined as “certain high-risk industries”.

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1 year ago · by · Comments Off on Free Cyber Liability Risk Assessment

Free Cyber Liability Risk Assessment

Cyber Attack Phishing
Cyber risk is complex. Understanding your business and risk profile allows us to uniquely deliver comprehensive insurance and robust tools to manage risk.

Responses to the questions below are necessary to obtain a quotation for cyber insurance coverage and, if desired, technology errors & omissions insurance. After a quotation for insurance is bound, the Named Insured will be asked to electronically sign an application populated with the responses from the questions below.


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